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Audit and Risk Committee

Mitchell’s Audit and Risk Committee

Our Audit and Risk Committee makes sure that we carry out our responsibilities in:

  • external financial reporting
  • internal and external audit
  • internal control and risk management
  • compliance and ethics
  • fraud prevention
  • good governance.

The Committee meets quarterly and reports to council as an Advisory Committee of Council.

Matters commonly discussed at Audit and Risk Committee meetings are:

  • internal and external reports
  • implementation status of audit recommendations
  • financial statements
  • internal audit performance data
  • risk register
  • reports relating to governance, legislative compliance and information technology
  • other reports from council officers.

Members of the Audit and Risk Committee

The Committee is made up of 3 independent members and two Councillor members as follows:

  • Councillor David Lowe
  • Councillor David Atkinson
  • Councillor Bob Humm
  • Michael Ulbrick (Chair)
  • Bruce Potgieter
  • Rob Wernli.

Also in attendance at meetings (but unable to vote) are Council’s:

  • CEO
  • Director Governance and Corporate Performance
  • Manager Finance and Assets
  • Manager People and Culture.

The Mayor has a standing invitation to attend the Audit and Risk Committee as a non-voting member.

Internal Audit Plan

Each year we review Council's risk register and talk to management to draw up an annual Internal Audit Plan. An Internal Audit Plan makes sure that audit resources are directed to areas of greatest risk.

That plan is reviewed and approved annually by the Audit and Risk Management Committee. Each quarter, plan execution and follow-up report findings are monitored.

Internal Audit Services

Our internal audit services are provided by Pitcher Partners.

This page was last updated on 8 September 2020.