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Community Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Local Government Victoria (LGV) coordinates and auspices an annual Community Satisfaction Survey for Victorian councils. The results of core measures are included in Council’s Annual Report each year and on the State Government's Know Your Council website as part of the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework.

We have provided a summary of our results below. The full report is also available for download at the bottom of the page.

Interviews now underway

Independent market research agency, National Field Services is conducting interviews in Mitchell now.

Similar surveys will be undertaken across Victorian councils in the coming months.

If you receive a call, we appreciate you taking the time to assist us with your valuable feedback.

Your details and individual responses are confidential. Council only sees the overall results.

Survey results

Core Measure20172018201920202021
Overall performance4854555253
Community consultation (and engagement)4753535250
Advocacy (lobbying)4548504953
Making community decisions4650524951
Sealed local roads3843474643
Customer service6370706864
Overall council direction5356545048
Service Area20172018201920202021
Appearance of public areas6163686666
Emergency and disaster management-67696365
Customer service6370706864
Family support services-63666063
Recreational facilities6262636363
Enforcement of local laws---6061
Waste management6565615658
Community and cultural-59605756
Business support, community development and tourism----55
Business support and community development-50545855
Business support-----
Tourism development-484949-
Parking facilities---55-
Environmental sustainability-56575254
Lobbying (advocacy)4548504953
Informing the community5254565452
Planning and building permits-51504952
Community decisions4650524951
Consultation and engagement4753535250
Planning for population growth4450474849
Local streets and footpaths---4745
Slashing and weed control-49514444
Sealed roads3843474643
Unsealed roads-41434139

Download Survey Results

This page was last updated on 27 January 2022.