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Community Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Local Government Victoria (LGV) coordinates and auspices an annual Community Satisfaction Survey for Victorian councils. The results of core measures are included in Council’s Annual Report each year and on the State Government's Know Your Council website as part of the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework.

A telephone survey was conducted in February and March, with 400 Mitchell residents taking part from a range of age groups and locations.

A number of new services were added to the 2018 survey. The results are included below.

Core Measure2012201320142015201620172018
Overall performance52545154424854
Community consultation (and engagement)49504953424753
Advocacy (lobbying)45484849404548
Making community decisions---49414650
Sealed local roads---43373843
Customer service65656568606370
Overall council direction47515055375356
Service Area2012201320142015201620172018
Customer service65656568606370
Emergency and disaster management------67
Waste management69656664616565
Family support services------63
Appearance of public areas62606263596163
Recreational facilities59575760556262
Community and cultural------59
Environmental sustainability------56
Informing the community51505556465254
Consultation and engagement49504953424753
Planning and building permits------51
Community decisions---49414650
Business and community development------50
Planning for population growth47514550394450
Slashing and weed control------49
Tourism development------48
Lobbying (advocacy)45484849404548
Unsealed roads------41
Local streets and footpaths-----38-

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