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Community Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Local Government Victoria (LGV) coordinates and auspices an annual Community Satisfaction Survey for Victorian councils. The results of core measures are included in Council’s Annual Report each year and on the State Government's Know Your Council website as part of the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework.

A telephone survey was conducted in February and March, with 400 Mitchell residents taking part from a range of age groups and locations.

We have provided a summary of our results below, and the full report is also available for download at the bottom of the page.

Core Measure20162017201820192020
Overall performance4248545552
Community consultation (and engagement)4247535352
Advocacy (lobbying)4045485049
Making community decisions4146505249
Sealed local roads3738434746
Customer service6063707068
Overall council direction3753565450
Service Area20162017201820192020
Customer service6063707068
Emergency and disaster management--676963
Waste management6165656156
Family support services--636660
Appearance of public areas5961636866
Recreational facilities5562626363
Community and cultural--596057
Environmental sustainability--565752
Informing the community4652545654
Consultation and engagement4247535352
Planning and building permits--515049
Community decisions4146505349
Business and community development--5054-
Business support----58
Planning for population growth3944504748
Slashing and weed control--495144
Tourism development--484949
Lobbying (advocacy)4045485049
Unsealed roads--414341

Download Survey Results

This page was last updated on 3 July 2020.