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Community Plan

The Mitchell 2020 Community Plan describes the Council and community's vision and priorities for 10 years.

About the plan

The plan describes our joint planning, service delivery and advocacy. It is the foundation for developing partnerships with the community, local businesses, community groups, service providers, and other government organisations.

The Community Plan reflects ideas for the community and is based on community consultation undertaken in 2011. Participants talked about their vision for the future, based on community strengths and the opportunities for improvement.

The Community Plan will guide the development of the Council Plan and the Municipal Strategic Statement.

What’s in the plan

The Community Plan looks at:

  • the decade ahead – population growth, economic challenges and opportunities
  • community aspirations – better transport and roads, improved services and facilities, protecting the natural environment
  • implications for the Shire – managing strong growth while maintaining the natural landscape and lifestyle, leadership, sustainability and partnerships
  • the role of Council – leadership, providing targeted services, sustainability and partnerships, advocacy

This page was last updated on 16 October 2019.