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The Mitchell Shire Council Draft Budget and Financial Plan presents our financial plan for the next 10 years.

It includes budget reports, budget analysis, long-term strategies, fees and charges schedule, rating information and our planned capital works program.

All Victorian Councils are required to prepare a Budget and Financial Plan annually, and a Revenue and Rating Plan every four years.

We welcome your input on these documents. Please head to Engaging Mitchell to get involved.

Draft Budget

Draft Financial Plan

The accompanying Financial Plan outlines the financial and human resources that are needed to deliver on the Council Plan actions and to provide services and infrastructure for the community. It includes assumptions, financial indicators, non-financial resources (human resources and infrastructure), reserves, and our projected financial statements.

Budget 2021-2022 snapshot

2021 22 Capital Works Summary
A snapshot of spending across different categories in the 2021-2022 capital works budget (new projects).

As part of the 2021-2022 budget we'll invest:

  • roads: $5.54 million
  • bridges: $400,000
  • footpaths and cycleways: $1.43 million
  • recreation, leisure and community facilities: $2.73 million
  • parks, open space and streetscapes: $1.02 million
  • waste management: $4.26 million
  • library book renewal: $180,000
  • buildings: $1.07 million
  • information technology: $1.51 million
  • strategic land acquisition: $350,000
2021 22 Capital Works Spend
These are the capital works and daily services delivered for every $100 spent.

If the services were broken down, this is how the capital works and daily services would be delivered for every $100 spent:

$24 roads, footpaths, drains and buildings

$13 waste collection, landfill operation and resource recovery centres

$12 recreation, open space and leisure services

$12 corporate support

$7 family, children and community services

$6 parks, gardens, playgrounds, arboriculture and environment

$4 local laws, emergency management and school crossings

$3 other capital works and depreciation

$3 customer and library services

$3 advocacy, communication, economic development and tourism

$3 engineering and infrastructure development

$3 buildings

$2 strategic planning

$2 statutory planning and building

$2 governance, Councillors and Executive

$1 debt servicing

Draft Revenue and Rating Plan

The Revenue and Rating Plan now replaces the Rating Strategy (last reviewed in 2019).

The Revenue and Rating Plan provides:

  • a clear explanation of decisions made by Council in implementing revenue and rating practices
  • information on the rating framework employed by Council and justification for the basis of the framework, including the rationale and objective behind pricing decisions
  • references to relevant policies, such as community fees and charges, financial hardship, debt recovery, and service provision
  • consideration of the factors such as dates, accountability, engagement and implications.

Past budgets and plans

Review our annual budgets, strategic resource plans and fees and charges from previous years.

Reports and plans

Both the Budget and Financial Plan documents relate to the Council Plan and are reported on in the Annual Report.

This page was last updated on 19 April 2021.