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Federal election 2019

Wallan freeway ramps - Federal election

We’re seeking a commitment from the Federal Government to accelerate and fund the urgent construction of a full diamond interchange to link Wallan and Hume Freeway.

A Federal commitment is required to support the free flow of traffic on Hume Freeway and to support improved freight connectivity and efficiency on our national freeway.

A Federal commitment will also help secure state funding for the freeway access ramps as well as the associated VicRoads plans to duplicate and upgrade Watson Street and expand capacity on the Northern Highway in Wallan.

The freeway and major roads are unable to cope with current traffic volumes, let alone projected population growth in the next few years. Traffic is regularly banking up on Hume Freeway around a blind corner creating a serious safety concern.

Once off the freeway, people then need to deal with long commute times just to get into Wallan or home. This adds to an already long day and leads to frustrations and social isolation with impacts on participation in work, leisure and family activities.

These issues will be further exacerbated once a new clay quarry in Wallan opens, with serious concerns that the current road network is not able to absorb the increase in the volume of heavy vehicle trucks.

This project is ready to progress to the next stage. It requires Federal and Victorian Government funding so it can be brought forward as a priority and completed before the quarry opens.

This page was last updated on 24 June 2019.