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Orange Door – Fully Serviced Operational Model

Mitchell Shire Councils says 'NO' to domestic and family violence and is calling for a fully resourced Orange Door in Wallan.

What is needed to make this a reality?

Funding and resourcing to expand security measures at the existing Orange Door in Wallan is needed to empower our women, families and other individuals fleeing violence to access real-time face-to-face support.

What is the Orange Door Service?

The Orange Door in Wallan provides critical support services to children, young people, family violence victim-survivors, and support for behaviour change and to stop using violence through a main outreach model.

Additional resourcing of the reception, security measures, and co-location of allied health staffing will enable the Orange Door in Wallan to provide immediate, face-to-face support for people fleeing violence.

Who will benefit and why?

A fully-serviced Orange Door access point will transform how women, children, and other individuals who are in immediate crisis or are fleeing unsafe accommodation receive support from the Orange Door in Wallan. A full-service Orange Door will allow individuals to immediately see and speak with a professional about accessing:

  • locally based early intervention for child and family well-being and victim survivors’ support
  • referral pathways to agencies with appropriate wrap-around services
  • locally based crisis and emergency accommodation
  • behaviour change programs for preparators of violence

This face-to-face presence at the Orange Door hub, where other co-located wrap-around services are also located, will support those in a critical time of need to ensure they receive timely and appropriate assistance.

Why is it a State Election priority?

Mitchell Shire has one of Victoria’s highest family and domestic violence rates, 176% above the State average.

The family and domestic violence statistics in Mitchell Shire are rapidly escalating to crisis levels. Council is seeking to build locally-responsive systems to reduce the prevalence of family violence and to increase the well-being of children and young people living in Mitchell.

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This page was last updated on 14 October 2022.