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A quarry in Beveridge/Wallan is the pits

The proposed quarry at the gateway to Wallan is a major cause of concern for our community. Residents have been very vocal about their concerns around traffic congestion, vibrations, noise, dust, health issues, catchment and water table pollution and environmental impacts.

There has been an overwhelming community response to the Victorian Planning Authority’s most recent public consultation on the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan. There were 1060 submissions made and Council understands that most of these were in opposition to the proposed quarry.

The community’s voice is very clear, they do not want this quarry.

Mitchell Shire Council has twice rejected a planning application for a quarry in Wallan/Beveridge at 175 Northern Highway.

With more than 121,000 people likely to call the corridor from Beveridge to Wallan home in the next 20 years, good planning is essential. The proposed quarry would sterilise land that would otherwise be developed to deliver essential infrastructure and services to this growing community.

A Ministerial Advisory Committee heard submissions on the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan and the Quarry Permit during a five-week hearing that began in May 2022 .

The Ministerial Advisory Committee is expected deliver its recommendation later in 2022.

The final decision on the proposed quarry then rests with Planning Minister Lizzie Blandthorn.

The voice of the community is the most powerful in this fight, so tell the State Government: "NO QUARRY for Beveridge/Wallan".

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This page was last updated on 28 June 2022.