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Greenhill Recreation Precinct

The Greenhill Precinct is a transformational project providing a premier sporting and recreational precinct for Wallan and the wider community.

What is needed to make this a reality?

$16.2 million will kickstart the transformation of Greenhill Recreation Precinct and help get us one step closer to delivering a premier precinct for Melbourne’s fastest-growing community.

The initial investment of $16.2 million will support the delivery of essentially unlocking and utility infrastructure, along with commencing delivery of a dedicated gymnastics facility. Funding this stage would enable to project to progress towards the ultimate delivery of a precinct that will include aquatics, stadium sports, gymnastics, and other leisure and recreation activities.

What is Greenhill Recreation Precinct?

The Greenhill Recreation Precinct will be an integrated facility for stadium sports, gymnastics, aquatics, and other leisure activities. The co-location of these facilities enables the integration of sporting activities that are multi-generational and multi-purpose, promoting liveability and social connectivity.

The Greenhill Precinct area will include amenities suitable for use by everyone, from people with physical and/or sensory impairment, those recovering from injury to older adults, people with impaired mobility and/or relying on mobility aids, and families with young children.

At the heart of the Greenhill Precinct is an environment park celebrating the culturally significant site and protecting the unique natural and cultural values present on Greenhill, Wurundjeri nation.

Who will benefit from this recreation precinct and why?

Greenhill Recreational Precinct will deliver much-needed sporting infrastructure, becoming a premier sporting site for Melbourne’s north.

The residents of Wallan and the broader community of Mitchell Shire will benefit from this multi-purpose, multi-generational precinct which will improve health and wellbeing and provide a space for the creation of social connections.

Why is it a State Election priority?

Wallan and Beveridge are two of Melbourne’s fastest-growing communities. Over the next two decades, the population in this area is projected to grow by more than 475%. Currently, this community lacks access to any form of local aquatic facilities, and as it grows, it will require more sports and recreational facilities.

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This page was last updated on 14 October 2022.