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Seymour Community Wellbeing Hub

Act now

The Seymour Community Wellbeing Hub will turn the tide on intergeneration disadvantage in Seymour with its No Wrong Door model.

Investment in Seymour now will transform life for young people, families, women facing violence, veterans and other vulnerable local residents.

We are seeking an investment of $23 million from the Victorian and Federal Governments to fund the Seymour Community Wellbeing Hub.

This is an urgent priority for the future of the Seymour region. It is time to act.

The relevant Ministers and MPs need their attention drawn to this project and what it means for the people of Seymour. They need to hear a range of voices, including yours.

Contact your MPs and Ministers

Fill out the form below to send an email to your State and Federal MPs and Ministers to call on them to fund Seymour Hub.

This form will send an email to the list of MPs and Ministers at the bottom of this page.

Show your support

Join the conversation

Download poster

Print off your own poster and tell your MPs and Ministers why you want Seymour Community Wellbeing Hub. Take a photo and send it to Advocacy Team to be included in the picture gallery.

This page was last updated on 23 May 2022.