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About Council


Mitchell Shire is one of the fastest growing areas in Victoria and is one of 7 designated growth areas within Melbourne’s outer suburbs. This growth is putting pressure on our already strained infrastructure and services. We face a variety of funding challenges that continue to require the support of the State and Federal Government.

Advocacy Priorities

Mitchell Shire Council aims to create and maintain a healthy, connected and sustainable community. Mitchell Shire’s BIG BUILD will support this vision to be achieved.

Mitchell Shire’s BIG BUILD highlights seven transformational projects which would both support our community through their recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 and also provide enduring and substantial economic, social and environmental benefits:

  • Camerons Lane – Hume Freeway Diamond Interchange
  • Wallan Regional Park
  • Greenhill Reserve Sport, Recreational and Environmental Precinct
  • Kilmore Bypass on the Northern Highway
  • Old Goulburn River Bridge, Seymour
  • Kilmore Learning and Community Hub
  • Seymour Integrated Health and Community Hub
  • Puckapunyal Tank and Artillery Museum

These projects would provide immediate economic and jobs stimulus through construction, along with enabling sustained long-term economic and community development.

Mitchell Shire is positioned at the heart of Victoria, it is the gateway from Melbourne to the rest of the country. With the Hume Freeway, the future Inland Rail, and Beveridge Intermodal Freight Terminal, Mitchell is central to Australia’s future freight and transportation network.

Combined, the package of projects identified in Mitchell Shire’s BIG BUILD could create over 4,600 jobs through construction and ultimately enable more than 20,000 on-going jobs.

Investment in Mitchell Shire now would be truly transformational. Mitchell Shire’s BIG BUILD represents the opportunity to create a healthy, connected and sustainable community.

Joining with Interface Councils

We’ve joined a group of 10 councils in Melbourne's outer suburbs that are also facing congested roads, inadequate public transport, lagging education facilities and high demand for health and human services. Known as the Interface Councils, the group commissions research, focusses on liveability in our areas and informs government policy and decision-making.

The Liveability Project

This campaign calls for a whole-of-government response to address the liveability challenges in Melbourne’s outer suburbs (including access to services and infrastructure) and to manage these challenges into the future.

This page was last updated on 5 July 2021.