Our structure

The structure of Mitchell Shire Council's appointed staff

Organisational Structure

Mitchell Shire Council comprises of two equally important but integrated parts which comprise elected of elected representatives and appointed staff.

Our nine Councillors are elected to represent the views and expectations of their fellow constituents in their respective wards. Each year, one of these representatives is sworn in as Mayor.

The Corporate Management Group, led by the Chief Executive Officer, is appointed through an open recruitment process. It comprises of four Directors, who are responsible for the work of more than 400 employees.

As a team, we provide a range of services and facilities, including parks and gardens, immunisations, aged and disability programs, sport and recreation spaces and road related infrastructure to name a few. 

see caption for names and titles

From left to right:  Tammie Rose (Director Corporate Services), Travis Heeney (Director Community and Recreation), Rebecca McKenzie (Chief Executive Officer), Jeff Saker (Director Engineering and Infrastructure), Kerrie Birtwistle (Director Sustainable Development).

Rebecca McKenzie

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is responsible for the day to day running of Mitchell Shire Council, advising the Council on policy and strategic matters and management of operations in accordance with the adopted Council Plan.

The CEO is accountable to the elected Councillors and ensures that the policy decisions of the Council are carried out within relevant timeframes, guidelines and more importantly within the set budget.   

Kerrie Birtwistle

Director Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Directorate consists of:

  • Statutory Planning and Building
  • Strategic Planning and Environment
  • Economic Development
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Growth Area Development

The Directorate seeks to develop a well planned municipality that has attractive, functional and sustainable working and living environments, to educate the Mitchell community by providing information and advice to assist people to achieve their goals, and to collaborate with all stakeholders and build trust through partnerships.

Jeff Saker

Director Engineering and Infrastructure  

The Engineering and Infrastructure Directorate consists of:

  • Operations
  • Engineering Services
  • Subdivisions and Major Projects
  • Parks and Community Greening

The Directorate is responsible for managing a diverse range of services that support Council and the users of Council's infrastructure. Services include Parks and Gardens, Major Projects, Waste Management, Building Maintenance, Works Construction, Capital Works Program, Engineering and Design and Fire Prevention.

Tammi Rose

Director Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Directorate consists of:

  • Finance
  • Governance and Organisational Development
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Information Services  

The Directorate is responsible for managing a diverse range of services that support the operation of Council. Services provided include Customer Service, Governance, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Technology,  Corporate Information and Compliance including Local Laws. Key outcomes of the Directorate include the Council Plan, the Strategic Resource Plan, the Budget and Annual Financial Statements.

Travis Heeney

Director Community and Recreation

The Community and Recreation Directorate consists of:

  • Community Services
  • Community Development
  • Leisure
  • Culture

The Directorate is responsible for managing a diverse range of services which support the community, enhance wellbeing, and provide opportunities to participate in community. These services include Maternal and Child Health, Children's Services, Youth Services, Aged and Disability Services, Libraries, Arts and Culture, Recreation and Open Space and Community Development. The Directorate is instrumental in leading strategic planning and policy responses, and for leading advocacy and community education initiatives to meet the ever changing needs of the municipality.

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